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Race Equity Advisory Committee

Race Equity Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings
First Thursday of the month 6-7:30 pm.

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In order to dismantle systemic and structural racism within our government and community, local leaders must commit to a long term action plan that recognizes the differences between individual, institutional, and structural racism, as well as the history and current reality of inequities for all marginalized groups. Failure to make and follow through with the commitment will jeopardize the development and success of racial equity on Bainbridge Island.

Establishment and Purpose
A. This chapter establishes a standing race equity advisory committee, hereinafter called the “committee,” to provide informed recommendations to the city council on programmatic, community, and legislative options to address and rectify systemic and structural racism and bias within government and law enforcement.

B. Working for racial equity benefits everyone. Deeply radicalized systems are costly and depress outcomes and life chances for all groups. The goal of the committee is not to just eliminate the gap between white people and people of color, but to increase the success for all groups. While strategies to achieve racial equity may target the needs of a particular group, racial equity develops goals and outcomes that will result in improvements for all groups. Systems that are failing communities of color are actually failing all of us.

Membership and Qualifications
A. The com

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Presented by Race Equity Advisory Committee at Waterfront Park and BI City Hall

Apr 17 - Apr 18, 2021

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