Friends of the Farms

Friends of the Farms

Friends of the Farms is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation in Bainbridge Island, Washington founded in 2001 with the mission to preserve and enhance local agriculture, increase farmland, and support the farming community.

We believe where and how food is grown affects our health, the health of our land and water, our atmosphere, the ability of people to make a living wage, and for our community to thrive.

We envision a community-based food system on Bainbridge Island where:

  • As much food as possible is grown, produced, processed, sold, and consumed locally
  • Nutritious, fresh, local food is accessible and affordable to everyone
  • Farms and related businesses are economically profitable for this and the next generation
  • Food is grown and produced using environmentally beneficial agriculture and clean aquaculture
  • Money stays on the island all across the supply and distribution chain
  • What and how we eat is integrated in our culture

We work to create system-level change for long-term impact through:

  • Permanent protection of the existing and potential agricultural land base
  • Affordable housing and farmable land for the agricultural community
  • Public and private investment in infrastructure and commercial services
  • Committed and empowered local government, food-related businesses, and institutions
  • Informed food citizens through a multi-disciplinary approach to food studies for children and adults
  • Connecting human health with a farm-driven diet to grow a healthy population
  • Experimentation,

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